Paint Wars

This was one of my favorite games I made while at Kefi! It’s a multiplayer game utilizing a painting script and networking to make a 20 player painting game! The point of the game is to go to different screens throughout the space and paint the town your color! There is a timer, as well as pie graphs to show which color is in the lead.

Canopy Chase

This game is a side scroller much like Flappy dragon, but this game features an infinite scrolling level which changes in difficulty as the player progresses! This features a fully animated 3D character, that was animated using Mixamo animations. The background is full 3D and features power ups and jungle themed particles.

Snowflake Maker

This app ran on Microsoft Tablets and featured a drawing asset that I modified heavily. I created texture reflections that allows the user to draw a perfectly mirrored snowflake! The user is able to save their snowflakes, which prompts a fun animation and sends an image of the snowflake to a projected winter scene, where it will fall down for a period of time.

Trick Or Treat

This was the first game I made using Networking in Unity. The player moves around a neighborhood and clicks on houses with lights to ring their doorbell. Ringing doorbells sends candy flying all over the level. Then the user has to walk around and pick up candy to increase their score. The user with the most candy by sunrise wins! Also there is a pre-game lobby where the user can select their character.

Bone Drop

In this game the user is a dog at the bottom of the screen. This game is played on a touch screen and the user moves the dog back and forth on the screen in order to catch bones in the basket on the dogs head. The user also needs to dodge anvils, which reduce score, and try to catch stop watches in order to increase their time.

I make games using Unity and Roblox, and interactive experiences with Arduino and OpenCV